Winning is Giving

Winning is giving your best self away.
Winning is serving with grace every day.

Youíll know that youíve won
when your friends say itís true.
ďI like who I am, when Iím around you.
You look for the best in the others you see
And you help us become who weíre trying to be.Ē

Winning is helping someone whoís down
Itís sharing a smile instead of a frown.
Itís giving your children a hug by the fire
And sharing the values and dreams that inspire.

Itís giving your parents the message ďI care.
Thanks Mom and Dad, for being so fair.Ē

Winners are willing to give more than get.
Their favors are free, youíre never in debt.
Winning is giving one hundred percent.

Itís paying your dues, your taxes, your rent.
Itís trying and doing, not crying and stewing.
Winners respect every color and creed.
They share and they care for everyoneís need.

The losers keep betting that winning is getting.
But thereís one of Godís laws that they keep forgetting.
And this is the Law you can live and believe
The more you give, the more youíll receive.

"Power of Love"

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