The Seven “Ones” Of Christian Unity [1] [2]


“One Body”

You prayed into the Heavens,

“Father, may they all be one,

as I Myself am One in You

and You are One in Me.”  [3]

So let us come together

Put our differences away

To be the Church for which You prayed

By which the world will find belief.



“One Spirit”

By Your Power we are “born again”

Added to the Savior's “body”

Individuals of one accord

Our Head being Jesus Christ the Lord.

Other spirits we must test [4]

Lest we should grieve the Holy One

Third Person of the Trinity

The Spirit of the Father's Son.


“One Hope”

They've called it “high” and “holy”

They've called it “Heavenly”

Final glorification

When like our Lord we'll finally be.

Forever dwelling with Him

Nevermore to ever part

The blessed Hope of millions

The precious Hope of every heart.


“One Lord”

Eternal Son of God in Heaven

Your willing death on Calvary's Tree

Paid the price for every sin

Brought salvation unto me.

A goal I never could achieve

And certainly did not deserve

Until You shed Your Precious Blood

For every sinner on this Earth.


“One Faith”

A “system” born of God's Own Truth

Measured by His Holy Word

Designed and Nurtured by His Hand

To help us on this troubled world.

May it never be diluted

With faulty wisdom's born of men

Keep us safe from every harm

Until the Savior comes again.


“One Baptism”

Interpretations so diverse

Of the meaning of this word

Anoint with oil! Immerse in water!

Acceptance of our Holy Father.

And for the part so deep within

To keep us safe from worldly sin

Our hearts need always reach up higher

Baptism signified by Fire.



“One God and Father...Above All...Through All...In You All”

Secret things by God revealed

His Presence with us through all time

He made, He keeps, He will preserve

His children here upon this Earth.

And should they ask how this is done

We'll tell them of this truth we've learned

The Heart of Christian Unity

The Blessed Holy Trinity.

                                       Amen and Amen

- David Brian Paley -

[1]     Adapted from Ephesians 4:4-6

[2]   With further help from L.Strauss, “Galatians and Ephesians', pp.170-173

[3]   Cf  John 17:21

[4]   Cf 1John 4:1