by Emma Wilson Emery
Poet Laureate of Louisiana

To the land of little mountains,
The land of singing streams,
Where friendship is contagious,
And man pursues his dreams;

Where the handshake is symbolic,
Of all things good and true---
In this land of Joy and Sunshine
We are waiting now for you.

We would share with you all beauty,
In our rainbow-flowered world,
Where the dogwood reigns in Springtime,
As a queen with flag unfurled.

Lovely in pearl-white garment,
With all modesty and grace,
As hostess she will meet you
In a Heaven-favored place.

In the warm, clear sunlight, smiling,
In the frosted moonlight, too,
She lifts her hand in greeting,
And watches now for you.

Drive along our trails and linger,
For a day, a month or two,
Or stay and be one of us--
We will gladly welcome you.

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